1961 Born in Aichi, Japan

1985 Graduated from Sculpture Course, Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music

2004-2005 Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh (grant from Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairsj

Lives and works in Nagoya

Solo Exhibitions

1989 Stegosaurus Studio, Nagoya

1990 Stegosaurus Studio, Nagoya

1991 Stegosaurus Studio, Nagoya

1992 Stegosaurus Studio, Nagoya

1993 Stegosaurus Studio, Nagoya

1994 "Stroke of Projection : part 1" Kenji Taki Gallery, Nagoya

"Stroke of Projection : part 2" Kenji Taki Gallery, Nagoya

1995/96 "Brocken Spectre"Kenji Taki Gallery, Nagoya

1997 "Mist" Kenji Taki Gallery, Nagoya

"Name of a Star" Kenji Taki Gallery, Nagoya

Tokiwa Gallery, Tokyo

1998 Kenji Taki Gallery, Nagoya

1999 "Memory of Things" Kenji Taki Gallery, Tokyo

Kenji Taki Gallery,Tokyo

2000 "Beyond Time" Kenji Taki Gallery, Tokyo

2001 Kenji Taki Gallery, Tokyo

"View" Kenji Taki Gallery, Nagoya

2002 "Tomorrow is Yesterday", Kenji Taki Gallery, Tokyo

2003 "Garden of the Appellation installation 2003" sculpture court at Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh

2004 Kenji Taki Gallery, Nagoya

2005 "Garden of the Appellation installation 2005"   The Glasshouse, Edinburgh

"Re-" Open Studio,  C3 studio at Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh

2006 "Red of blue. Blue of red." Kenji Taki Gallery, Nagoya

2007 "Pause", Kenji Taki Gallery, Nagoya

2008 "The champion jumps with a magazine on Sunday", Kenji Taki Gallery, Nagoya

gGarden of the Nameh Minokamo City Museum, Minokamo, Gifu

2009 "talking mirror" Mugaen, Hikinan, Aichi

"The Name Collecting" Hirakata Municipal Gotenyama Art Center, Hirakata, Osaka

"Butterfly's eye view, installation of CairnhCairn Gallery, Pittenweem, Scotland, U.K.

2010 Artist in Residence in Orkney, Orkney UK

2011 "comet " Kenji Taki Gallery, Tokyo

2012 "comet ll" Kenji Taki Gallery, Tokyo

2013 Tent, Edinburgh UK

sleeper, Edinburgh UK

"Vehicles" Kenji Taki Gallery, Nagoya

"Garden of the Appellation installation 2013" Nanatsudera theatre Studio, Nagoya

2014 "Garden of the Reproduction" Kenji Taki Gallery, Tokyo

2015 "Festina Lente" Kenji Taki Gallery, Nagoya

2016 sleeper (basement floor), Edinburgh, UK

2017 "Blink" Kenji Taki Gallery, Tokyo

Group Exhibitions

1991 "10th Parallelism in Art" Ohararyu-Kaikan, Tokyo

1995 "NCAF (Nagoya Contemporary Art Fair), Nagoya Citizen's Gallery,Nagoya

1998 "New Works - by 6 artists" Kenji Taki Gallery, Nagoya

"Innocent Minds" Aichi Arts Center, Nagoya

2000 "Scope"  Kenji Taki Gallery, Nagoya

2001 "Encounter" Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo

"Art in the Home" Yamaguchi" private House, Yamaguchi

2002 "Field Studies"  Essor Gallery, London

"Elsewhere"  WBD + essor gallery,  Berlin

"Art in the Home" private House, Edinburgh

"Transformation and Transition - by four artists" Aichi Arts Center

"Off-Side" gm, Osaka / Yokohama Museum of Art, Art Gallery, Yokohama

2002/03 "TAG TEAM EXPERIMENTh Billy McCall Studio, Edinburgh

2003 "Take off/Take OFF for"  Giacomo Manzu Museum in Tokyo Zokei University,  Tokyo

"The Human Body in Contemporary Sculpture" The National University of Fine Arts and Music Exhibition Hall, Tokyo

2004 "MIRUNA NO ZASHIKI "  BABA, Kanazawa

"The concert of Sea and Sky"  Seaside of Gamagori, Aichi

"Garden of the Appellation installation +ecaUNION"  sculpture court at Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh


2007 "All about Laughter : humor in contemporary arth, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo

"Never Been to Houston" Lawndale Art Center, Houston, U.S.A.

"Tokoname Art & Design Factory" at the ceramic factory, Tokoname Aichi

"Cycle and Recycle", Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art, Nagoya

2008 "Field Studies" Minokamo City Museum (outdoor) , Minokamo, Gifu

2009 "Field Studies" Minokamo City Museum (outdoor) , Minokamo, Gifu

Fukutake House in Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial 2009, Tokomachi, Niigata (selected by Kenji Taki Gallery)

"Tactile Vision" Slewe Gallery, Amsterdam

2010 "Editions" Cairn Gallery, Pittenweem UK

"Woodland Gallery", Minokamo City Museum (outdoor), Minokamo Gifu

Aichi Triennale 2010, Nagoya

2011 "This is not a book" Urawa Art Museum, Saitama

"Keihannna Wander Art 2011 - Art Trail in the Woods" Keihanna Commemorative Park, Kyoto

"simple things" Nagoya Citizens Gallery Yada, Nagoya

2012 "Contemporary Art in Toyohashi" Toyohashi, Aichi

"Woodland Gallery", Minokamo City Museum, Minokamo Gifu

"Natural History of Nature and Fantasy"Toyohashi City Museum of Art & History, Aichi

"Rokko Meets Art 2012" Rokkosan area, Kobe, Hyogo

2013 "NISSAN ART AWARD 2013" BankART Studio NYK, Yokohama

2014 "Meets Art - Treasure Box in the Forest" Hakone Open-Air Museum, Hakone, Kangawa

"Shinshu University Large Exhibition" Shinshu University, Matsumoto, Nagano

2015 "Between Botany and Art" Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art, Nagoya

2016 "Eiji Watanabe / Yasuko Otsuka" Hebel_121, Basel

Assembridge Nagoya 2016 gPanorama Gardenh MAT, Nagoya

Selected Publications

Exhibition Catalogues :

"Encounter" (2001,Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo)
"Art in the Home in YAMAGUCHI"i2001, Yamaguchi Prefecture Cultural Festival, Yamaguchij
"art in the home in Edinburgh"i2002, City Art Centre, ECA, Edinburgh, Collective gallery UKj
" Transformation and Transference-Installation by 4(+1)Artist" (2002, Aichi Arts Center, Nagoya)
"All About Laughter / Humor in Contemporary Art" (2007, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo)
" Cycle and Recycle " (2007, Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art, Nagoya)

Public Collection

Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art, Nagoya
Oita Prefectural Art Museum (OPAM) , Oita